ServeCollective is a community wide movement showing the love of Christ to our neighbors through acts of service, love, and compassion.

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Prov 3:27 Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it.

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Ongoing Relationships

We don’t want to be a “one-and-done” event, so we sought to continue partnering together for opportunities of love and service throughout the year, which is why we formed ServeCollective. We have leaders and partners from over 15 churches and organizations who are working together continually for the purpose of meeting ongoing needs and sacrificially serving.
ServeCollective have been a catalyst to help facilitate the formation of unity in the local community and churches in Prescott and surrounding areas.

Continual Development

We are continuing to develop systems and structures to best serve the needs in our community. God has begun a great work through ServeCollective and we are seeking out the best avenues to partner together to tangibly serve our neighbors and community.


Whole Community

We are thankful to God for placing us in the Prescott area and have a deep desire to further develop the wonderful community around us. From Prescott Valley to Paulden and throughout Yavapai County, we seek to see our cities flourish by giving and serving. ServeCollective offer opportunities for all ages, and any gifting. There are countless opportunities for anyone and everyone who is willing to serve. Whether it’s heavy lifting or handing out a thank you basket, we strive to have a wide range of activities available for people across the county to get involved with.

Whole Church

Jesus prayed for the unity of His church and through ServeCollective, we unify through serving together. There are various Bible-believing church traditions and denominations that come together to love God and neighbor through our actions. It’s been said that the church is too often marked by a “high blood pressure of words and anemia of deeds.” When the body of Christ unites together for the common good of the community, we are able to broaden and deepen a gospel impact across the area.

Whole Gospel

Through the gospel we see God’s love shown to His creation through sending His Son Jesus and forming a people for His purposes. We demonstrate the love God has shown us through both our words and deeds. We value demonstrating God’s love in tangible ways. We are entering into the fray to both show and tell the good news of the gospel. ServeCollective provide opportunities for the church to follow Jesus into the great commandment and commission across Yavapai County.

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ServeCollective is a community wide movement showing the love of Christ to our neighbors through acts of service, love, and compassion.