ServeCollective is a community wide movement showing the love of Christ to our neighbors through acts of service, love, and compassion. Multiple churches are partnering together for the common good in the name of Jesus.

In order to become a partner church, the central leadership team of ServeCollective asks that any interested church do the following:

  • Become familiar with the vision, mission, and values of ServeCollective.
  • Affirm and agree with the ServeCollective statement of faith.
  • Have a leader of the church meet with a member of the ServeCollective central leadership team to fully understand both vision of and involvement with ServeCollective.
  • Announce and promote ServeCollective happenings through appropriate local church channels of communication.
  • Investigate the possibility of financial partnership with ServeCollective.
  • Recruit volunteers and leaders for ServeCollective projects.

If you, your business, church, or organization would like to partner with us in supporting and showing the love of Christ to our community, please email us at: